Home Renovations

Install a Toilet like a Pro

In renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, toilet installation is one of the things that should be done with 100% precision. A small negligence could lead to a huge inconvenience and costly repair. If you know you’re not skilled enough for this task, it would...[...]

Cleaning Blog

The Fix-all Method Of Getting Stains Our Of Carpet

Some stains are really stubborn and the general soda water and paper towel remedy doesn’t do the trick. When that happens, you need to pull out the big guns. This simple trick will really make a difference to your ability to ANNIHILATE STAINS!   What...[...]

Car Corner

How to Tell If Your Brakes Are Good or Bad

As you head towards the busiest months of the year you must have your vehicle safety fortified.  Nothing else should be on top priority but the brake system.  Not the installation of new stereos, not the replacement of ragged seat covers, not the new paint. Before...[...]

Tradie Life

Why Go Green On Plumbing

If there’s one aspect in your home that has a considerable potential to go green, it’s your plumbing. Green plumbing is the top trend in home remodeling these days because it trims down energy costs and creates a healthier dwelling. Plus, it’s friendlier to...[...]

Backyard Gardening

How To Build A Simple Cubby House [WATCH]

Looking to knock together a cubby house or backyard fortress for the kids? Sometimes it’s good to get an understanding of the basic framework so you can work around that to customise the project and make it your own. Let’s look at some basic, important...[...]